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WELCOME to the Oklahoma Food Cooperative

November 2013 Order Dates:
November 1st:    Order opens at 8 am
November 14th:  Order closes at midnight

November 21st:  Delivery Day

We opened our first order on November 1, 2003. To celebrate this Tenth Anniversary, many of our producers are offering door prizes to be awarded to members who order this month.

Check out this great list of door prizes!

4,809 products, all grown or made in Oklahoma, available on the October order from 88 different Oklahoma producers

First local food coop in the nation and still the best!

Click to take action NOW to protect your right to grow and buy locally grown produce!

Members Guide to OKRA -- Oklahoma's Really Awesome Software, our online shopping system  

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The Oklahoma Food Cooperative is a member-owned organization that connects Oklahoma farmers and producers with customers. Our core values are social justice, environmental stewardship and economic sustainability. 

We were the first food coop in the US to focus solely on locally grown and made food and non-food items. We have a greater selection of local foods, and local non-food items, from more local food and non-food producers than any other cooperative anywhere in the United States -- more than 4000 different items available every month, from dozens of Oklahoma producers.

We work via an online shopping system linked with a mostly volunteer delivery system.  We have a small store selling non-perishable items located at 311 South Klein on the west side of the building.  It is open on Saturdays in conjunction with a farmers market we sponsor. The store and farmers market are open to anyone who walks in the door, from 9 AM to 2 PM.  Map

All co-op producers go through an approval process regulated by our Standards and Producer Care committees who conduct a rigorous application process that includes an inspection to ensure local origin of production.  More information.  Join the Oklahoma Food Cooperative!


To offer feedback about any issue in the Coop, including products, click this button and explain the situation in an email that will go to the Coop's president.
To ask a question, resolve a problem (with your bill or with a product),  get help with ordering, or receive a reminder of your user ID, contact our customer service management.


Oklahoma Food Cooperative
PO BOX 681, Oklahoma City, OK 73101