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The Oklahoma Food Cooperative is a member-owned cooperative business enterprise.
We only sell food and non-food products that are made in Oklahoma.
We are an easy way to shop -- members order online and then pickup at one of our many pick-up sites statewide.
Think of us as your online farmers market.

The Oklahoma Food Coop was the first food coop in the US to focus solely on locally grown and made food and non-food items.

We have a greater selection of local foods, and local non-food items, from more local food and non-food producers than any other grocery store anywhere in the United States -- more than 4000 different items available every month, typically from about 100 different Oklahoma producers.

At the Oklahoma Food Cooperative, we do not sell any mystery food.  You know exactly who produced the food, where it was grown or raised, and what production practices the farmer or rancher uses. You don't just order five pounds of generic hamburger, you order it from a specific producer.  Our food has a story, and you -- as a customer of locally raised foods -- are part of that story.  You are a co-producer with our farmers and ranchers.  
We  are re-creating a local food system here in Oklahoma.  We are discovering the unique and authentic regional tastes of this area.  We are rejecting the idea of food as a commodity, as mere fuel, and are rediscovering the importance of local food production to healthy local communities.

How we do business.

The monthly order opens on the 1st day of each month at 8 AM, and closes on the 2nd Thursday of each month at midnight. You log in to our website during the order period and browse the product lists, selecting items you want to buy and pjutting them in your shopping cart.

When you order, you select the pick up site where you want to get your groceries. At this time we have 49 sites around the state.

You can pay with a check or money order when you pick up your groceries or you can pay via the PayPal system.  At some of our pick up sites, you can use a credit or debit card at the site.

You can order as much, or as little, as you want. You do not have to order every month.

Delivery day -- when you get your groceries -- is always the third Thursday of the month. We have 49 pickup sites around the state where you can get your groceries.

Buying food sight unseen.

Most of us are not experienced with buying our regular groceries online. Some may be hesitant to buy foods like fresh vegetables "sight unseen". This is why we have a Quality Guarantee!

  • When you pick up your order, if you find something that is not as described in its product description, or that is spoiled, damaged, or of obvious low quality, you are not obligated to accept and pay for that item.  You may refuse it at the pick-up site and your order will be credited. The item will be returned to the producer and you will not have to pay for it.  We encourage everyone to take the time to go through their order at the pick-up site and make sure that everything is there and of the quality you have a right to expect from our Coop's producers.

How to join.

We are a cooperative business organization. That means we are owned by our customer and producer members.  To do business with us, either to buy or sell, you must first become a member.  You do this by purchasing a membership share. This is like buying one share of stock in a corporation.  It is an item of real property.  A memberhship share costs $51.75  ($50 for the share, $1.75 processing fee).  That buys you one share in our cooperative business.  Then, producers pay 11.25% of their sales for selling through the coop, and customers pay 11.25% for buying through the coop plus a base shipping and handling fee of $2.25.  Click this link to Join the Coop.. 

We are an all-volunteer organization and membership activations are thus done by volunteers.  Therefore, please allow 8 days for activation if you mail a check, and 2 days for activation if you pay via PayPal. 

If you are low income, you can apply for a membership paid for by a fund donated by members.  To apply for a low income membeship, send an email to

By definition, a cooperative is owned by its members, and we hope each of you develops a strong sense of ownership in what we are doing. We have worked hard to develop a system which we think is workable, and which can be scaled up as membership and monthly orders increase.  Click this link to Join the Coop.

This is a wonderful adventure that we have called together here. We have brought together producers and customers into the same organization. Among our producer and customer members we find a diversity of lifestyles, beliefs, cultures and religions. Even so, we find common ground based on our mutual need for a marketplace where we can find good, healthy, nutritious local foods. We are focused on meeting local needs with local resources. We will discover new ways to participate in neighborhood and community.

A journey of one thousand miles begins with one step. Who knows where this adventure will lead us, but we will certainly get there, one step at a time. The day may yet come when a small neighborhood Oklahoma Food Cooperative pick-up site is within bicycle-riding distance of most households in the state.

Thank you again for your participation. Y'all bon apetit, you hear?

Cooperatively yours,

Bob Waldrop, President, Oklahoma Food Cooperative

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To offer feedback about any issue in the Coop, including products, click this button and explain the situation in an email that will go to the Coop's

Oklahoma Food Cooperative
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