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The Board and Management invite everybody to develop a sense of true ownership in this cooperative endeavor.

One way to do this is to volunteer to help with the chores. We are still obviously in the "building our infrastructure" phase.  Here's some things we need help with. Unless a specific contact person is listed, you can contact Adam Price at  

  • Delivery Day Sorting.  The doors open at 8 AM and there's work until the late afternoon. We are sorting, loading, and delivering and then cleaning up afterwards. This is a high energy event reminiscent of the "barn raisings" of frontier times.  We "git 'er done" every month with the help of many volunteers.  Some people volunteer every month. Others volunteer once a year.  All are welcome and appreciated!  Contact Adam Price at to help with delivery day.
  • Cooperative Outreach.  We can always use help doing tables and handing out brochures at events. We do calling campaigns to members. We need graphic artists and a videographer. For example, we could help you plan and organize an "Oklahoma Food Dinner" for your friends and family or co-workers.  We can provide speakers for organizations that you belong to.  Contact the outreach committee at to help with this work.
  • Pick up Site Work on Delivery Day. Our pickup sites are operated by volunteers.  There is a manager, a cashier, people to help unload ice chests and then load the empties afterwards. Someone picks up the groceries at the Op Center and delivers them to the pickup site. We pay mileage for anyone using their vehicle to help with pick up site activities.  To volunteer at a pick up site, talk with the site manager. To help with driving orders to pick up sites, contact Adam Price at
  • Back Office Work.  Like any business, we have back office reports. So we can use accounting personnel, people with administrative experience, etc.  To volunteer for any kind of accounting or finance work, contact . For any other back office work, contact
  • What else? Maybe you have a skill we don't know about that could help the Coop.  Please let us know!  Contact,

Volunteer Incentive Program

The Coop offers a Volunteer Incentive Program that allows volunteers to earn credit towards their Coop purchases.

  • $7.25/hour credit on purchases
  • Standard IRS mileage is paid to  drivers to our pickup site.
  • The Coop carries on-the-volunteer-job medical and liability insurance via the CIMA Volunteer Insurance program.  We also carry excess Auto Liability insurance that covers all of our drivers and their vehicles in case of an accident while on Coop business.


Oklahoma Food Cooperative
PO BOX 681, Oklahoma City, OK 73101