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We Bring the Farmers Market to Your Front Door.

The Oklahoma Food Cooperative Project is organizing a buying club as the first step towards opening local food cooperative retail stores. We invite you to BE A LOCAL HERO by completing this survey and sending it back to us either via email or by the post office. Before completing the survey, please read this short description of our business plan.
Each week we will post a price and availability list of products available directly from local farmers each week, including beef, pork, lamb, poultry, eggs, seasonal produce, grain, etc. The list can be mailed to persons without internet access. Customers will mail in their orders and payment, and the food will be delivered once each week. Customers will have the option of home delivery or picking up their order at designated drop off points and times in Oklahoma City, Norman, and Edmond. Delivery could be to a member\'s home or to a place of business.

There will be a small charge to sign up for the service (about $5). The purpose of this fee is to buy the equipment we need to provide this service, which is primarily refrigerators, freezers, and a scale lawful for use in trade. It is not an annual fee like a Sam\'s Club membership. We intend to buy used equipment to reduce costs of the setup.

There will be a small fee for each weekly order. The purpose of this fee is to pay the operating expenses of the ordering and delivery service, which includes mileage for delivery drivers, electricity to operate the refrigeration equipment, some postage and copying costs, and compensation for the workers. There will be an additional fee for home delivery, paid for each delivery. No fees or charges would be owed in any week where no order was placed. Members can volunteer to help with the labor and receive discounts/credits towards purchases at the rate of $7/credit or discount per hour.

At this time, we are primarily interested in the Norman, OKC metropolitan area, and Edmond markets, but we strongly encourage people in other areas to complete the survey to help us gauge support in other cities. Thank you for your help with this project.

Robert Waldrop


Please answer these questions by placing an X between the parenthesis ( ) following the answer. If you want us to contact you about the progress of the buying club, please include your name and contact information with your survey response. If you prefer to respond anonymously, simply leave this information off of your response. Printed responses should be sent to Bob Waldrop, 1524 NW 21st, Oklahoma City, 73106. Email responses should be sent to, with "LOCAL FOOD SURVEY" in the subject line. We need to receive the responses by July 14th , 2003. .This survey and the accompanying information may be freely copied and distributed to others (as email or as a printed copy), and we encourage people to help this project on its way to success by passing the survey on to others who may be interested. The more responses we receive, the more encouraged we will be. Feel free to add any additional comments you think would be helpful to us.
1. What foods and nonfood products would you like to buy directly from farmers through a local food buying club/food cooperative? (Check all that you are interested in.)

Food items:

Beef ( ) Lamb ( ) Farm Raised Venison ( ) Eggs ( ) Chicken ( ) Turkey ( )

Goat meat ( ) Cows Milk ( ) Goats Milk ( ) , Seasonal Produce ( ) Fruit ( )

Honey ( ) Whole Grains ( ) Flour ( ) Rolled Oats ( ) Dried Corn ( )

Fresh corn on the cob ( ) Corn meal ( ) Herbs ( ) Dry Mixes ( ) Condiments ( )

Pecan ( ) Sunflower seeds ( ) Cut flowers ( ) Pumpkins ( ) Peanuts ( ) Butter ( ) Candy ( ) Jams, Jellies ( ) Pickles, relishes ( )

Non food products:

Bath Soap ( ) Laundry detergent ( ) Herbal Body Care Products ( )

Herbal Medicinal Products ( ) Country Crafts ( ) Clothing ( ) Quilts ( )

Dried flowers ( ) Gourds ( ) Potpourri ( )

Other item(s) not mentioned above:

2. Have you ever bought food directly from a farmer?

Yes ( ) No ( )

If yes, where?

Roadside stand ( ) Farmers Market ( ) Direct purchase from a farm ( )

Community Supported Agriculture Subscription Service ( )

Fair ( ) Other ( ) specify:

3. Of these three choices, which is most important to you: (check one)

Price ( )

Quality ( )

Both price and quality are important to me ( )

4. Please rank these possible classifications of local farm products in order of your preference: If any are not acceptable to you, leave blank.

Certified organic local products ( )

All natural local products (meets most organic standards, but not certified) ( )

Local products that have had some commercial fertilizer, but no pesticides or herbicides ( )

Local products grown with conventional agricultural practices ( )

5. Which area would you prefer for your pickup or delivery?

Central OKC (close to downtown) ( ) NW OKC (near NW Expwy & Rockwell) ( )

NE OKC ( ) SW OKC ( ) SE OKC/MWC/Del City ( )

Norman ( ) Edmond ( ) Other ( ) Specify:

6. Based on discussions thus far with the various producers, we are considering Monday and Tuesday as the preferred delivery/pickup days.

For a Tuesday delivery/pickup, please indicate which time would be best:

Morning ( ) Afternoon ( ) Evening ( ) Any of these work for me ( )

For a Monday delivery/pickup, please indicate which time would be best:

Afternoon ( ) Evening ( ) Any of these work for me ( )

7. Check one of the following:

I prefer a Monday delivery or pickup. ( )

I prefer a Tuesday delivery or pickup ( )

Neither Monday nor Tuesday works for me. ( )

Either Monday or Tuesday is fine with me. ( )

If you check the "neither Monday nor Tuesday" option, answer this question:

I would prefer to pick up my order, or have it delivered to my home or business, on:

Wednesday ( ) Thursday ( ) Friday ( ) Saturday

Note: at this time we expect that order pickup on days other than Monday or Tuesday would be only at the central OKC location.

8. Home delivery will be based on paying a delivery fee per order delivered. Check one.

I would pay $5 to have my order delivered to my home or business on Monday or Tuesday. ( )

I would pay $10 to have my order delivered to my home or business on a day other than Monday or Tuesday. ( )

9. How much do you generally spend each week for eggs, cheese, meats and poultry, and vegetables?

$15 ( ) $25 ( ) $35 ( ) $50 ( ) $75 ( ) More than $75 ( )

Varies/not sure ( ) Decline to answer ( )

10. To cover the buying club expenses, we are considering two options: a percent of the order amount (2.65% added to the customer\'s bill) , or a flat fee (around $2.00 per weekly order).

I prefer to pay a percent of my bill (2.65%. ( )

I prefer to pay a flat fee. ($2) ( )

No preference ( )

11. Do you do any home preservation or processing of foods?

Yes ( ) No ( ) No, but I would like to learn ( )

If yes, which methods do you presently use?

Making jams/jellies ( )

Dehydrating ( )

Making my own dry mixes like pancake mix, brownie mix, etc. ( )

Boiling water canning of fruits and high acid products like pickles ( )

Pressure canning of vegetables, soups, meats ( )

Freezing ( )

If your answer is "No, but would like to learn, which methods are you interested in? (Check all that interest you.)

Making jams/jellies ( )

Dehydrating ( )

Making my own dry mixes like pancake mix, brownie mix, etc. ( )

Boiling water canning of fruits and high acid products like pickles ( )

Pressure canning of vegetables, soups, meats ( )

Freezing ( )

If you want us to contact you about the buying club, please list your name and contact information. Thanks for your help with this project!

Oklahoma Food Cooperative
PO BOX 681, Oklahoma City, OK 73101