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Oklahoma Food Cooperative Organizing Project
1524 NW 21st, Oklahoma City, 73106

We Bring the Farmers Market to Your Front Door.

The Oklahoma Food Cooperative Organizing Project is developing an order/delivery service to gauge support in the metropolitan Oklahoma City area for opening one or more retail grocery cooperatives that specialize in Oklahoma grown and processed foods. The business plan from the producer\'s viewpoint is fairly simple and straightforward. Please read this short description of our proposal, and if you are interested in participating, fill out the survey which follows. You can send your survey by email to or you can send it by mail to Producer Survey, c/o Bob Waldrop, 1524 NW 21, OKC, 73106. We would like to receive responses by July 5th.

Each week we will post a price and availability list of products available directly from local farmers through our order/delivery service, including beef, pork, lamb, poultry, eggs, seasonal produce, grain, and processed products like flour, jams, jellies, pickles, etc. The list will be mailed to persons without internet access. Customers will mail in their orders and payment to use and pickup or have their food delivered later in the week. As soon as we get an order, we will contact the appropriate producer(s) by email to place the order; for producers without internet access, we will do this by telephone. For beef, pork, poultry, we will also assist customers in combining orders to meet producer needs/requirements (such as putting together several people to take a whole beef or hog, etc.)

Products will deliver their product to a central location in Oklahoma City. We have tentatively identified Monday as the preferred producer delivery day, but we will probably also be able to accept deliveries on Saturday afternoons between about 12 noon and 3 PM. You will be paid for your delivered orders at the time you deliver them. The producer will be responsible for preparing the orders and labeling them so that all we have to do is put the appropriate product in the customer\'s bag for the week. In other words, suppose you are supplying carrots and lettuce, and have 50 orders, ranging in amounts from 1 to 5 pounds each, for various customers. You will deliver your product already divided among those customers, and labeled with their identifying information. If you want to deliver bulk product for us to divide, we will do that, but we will have to charge for that service as it involves labor on our end.

Producers must specify/describe their production practices at the time they list their products on our weekly order sheet. You must give us a written statement about each of your products regarding its status, and if certified organic, you must include a copy of your state certification. In your statement, you must give the exact location(s) where the crop(s) was or were grown, animals were raised, or product was processed. The location must be detailed enough so that we can find it if we choose to verify your statement. "These tomatoes were grown in a field four miles south on US 183, and then one mile west on a county road, of Frederick, Oklahoma, on the north side of the road. Because we are strictly specializing in Oklahoma products, and must protect our own reputation and developing brand name, we will consider false statements about the origin or production standards of products listed with us to constitute fraud. Our production categories include:
  • Oklahoma Certified Organic. Producer\'s products have been certified as organic by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture.

  • Oklahoma All Natural. Substantially complies with organic standards, but has not been officially certified by the state. These products cannot have had any herbicides or pesticides applied to them, or for animal products, no antibiotics o animal product in their feed and no growth hormones. Animal and poultry products must be free ranging and not products of Confined Animal Feeding Operations, but may receive non certified organic feed..

  • Oklahoma Standard. No herbicides or pesticides, but the products may have had some commercial fertilizer involved in their production.

  • Oklahoma Commercial. Produced using conventional agribizness practices, which may include commercial fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

You will set your own prices, and will receive the full price you set for your products, with no commissions paid to our ordering and delivery service, unless you decide to deliver in bulk for us to divide into individual orders. Our expenses will be paid via small surcharge added to the customer\'s bill.

All products must be locally grown or processed in the state of Oklahoma, by the farmer or processor listing the product. You cannot list or sell any products through our service that you do not grow or process yourself.

There will be a small charge to sign up for the service (about $5 to $10). This is a one time fee, per producer and customer, and is not an annual fee like a Sam\'s Club membership.

If you are interested in participating as a producer, please complete the enclosed survey and send it back to us as soon as possible. Do not send any money with the survey. We are presently also conducting a marketing survey in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, and if it looks like there is enough producer and consumer interest to make this a workable proposition, we will contact you early in July with our startup date and details.

Robert Waldrop, Oklahoma Food Cooperative Organizing Project


1. What products are you interested in selling through our order/delivery service? List all products, which of our product categories they will fit into (certified organic, all natural, Oklahoma standard, Oklahoma commercial) and your expected prices and availabilities. If you need additional space, use additional paper.

2. What will your minimum order be for delivery to our central Oklahoma City location? (Not minimum order per person, but minimum order in total that will make it worth your while to come into town to deliver to us, such as 500 pounds of assorted produce, or 200 pounds of beef, or 50 dozen eggs, whatever it is for you.)

3. Check your preferred delivery time:

Monday ( ) Time: Morning ( ) Afternoon (until 3 PM) ( )

Saturday between 12 noon and 3 PM ( )

( ) Neither of these days work for me. I prefer to deliver (specify):

4. For animal products such as beef, pork, lamb, where will your products be processed at?

Thanks for participating in the survey. If you have any additional comments or questions, please include them with your response.

Oklahoma Food Cooperative
PO BOX 681, Oklahoma City, OK 73101