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Full color membership brochure

B&W Membership Brochure (some of the data is a little dated, but it still works)

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It is the policy of the Oklahoma Food Cooperative to encourage our members, as owners of the cooperative, to be involved
with the outreach efforts of the Oklahoma Food Cooperative. Members can, and are encouraged to --
+ Speak with friends, family, co-workers, and other people they know about their experience with the Oklahoma Food Cooperative
and the advantages of buying local foods and non-food items.
+ Write letters to the editor about local foods.
+ Keep literature for the coop on hand to give to people.
+ Leave coop literature in public places for people to find (waiting rooms, literature racks, etc.)
+ Put up posters about the coop.
+ Put bumper stickers on their vehicles.
+ Have an "Oklahoma food dinner" and invite friends to taste the difference.
+ Give presentations to groups where they participate about the coop and speak as an individual member about their experiences.
+ Run low cost or free ads in local publications/online classified forums, on behalf of the coop.
+ Use social media to promote the coop.
+ Table at events in their area, and set up a booth at their county affair.
It is not necessary for any member to get permission from Coop management or the board to do any of these activities.
The Coop will support these activities by providing --
+ literature about the coop and the importance of local foods, at our cost, that members can order on the website.
+ PDF's, in both color and black and white, at the website that members can print and copy on their own initiative and cost.
+ webfitti that can be used online and at Facebook (small icons and graphics promoting the coop).
+ downloadable posters for members to print.
+ outlines for public presentations.
+ sample classified and display ads that members can use.
+ a page at our website where customers can post their personal recommendations of the coop.
+ Ideas for creating attractive displays about the cooperative.


Oklahoma Food Cooperative
PO BOX 681, Oklahoma City, OK 73101