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For more information about increasing the quality and environmental sustainability of your lifestyle, visit these websites and cyberspace discussion groups/newsletters:

Oklahoma Food Coop General Discussion -- an email discussion group, open to all, to discuss anything and everything about the Oklahoma Food Cooperative. Established December 2002.

OK Sustainability discussion group

New Okie Pioneers For those interested in a homesteading or back to the land lifestyle in Oklahoma. Neighbors from surrounding states are welcome, also. Topics include living a simple self-sufficient lifestyle like our pioneer grandparents had, gardening, raising livestock, food preservation, soapmaking, homeschooling, bartering, alternative housing and energy production... Anything related to a back-to-the-land or small farm way of life.

Better Times Access to Sustainable, Simple, Frugal Living Resources

Better Times Cookbook and Almanac of Useful Information

Energy Conservation Resources and Information

Oklahoma Sustainability Network

Oklahoma Sustainable Living Resources and Links

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