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Articles of Incorporation
The legal speak that keeps us ticking.

Board of Directors
Dedicated volunteers and what they do.

Bob's Notes
Reports from the field from our president.

When and what is happening.

Customer Handbook
An FAQ for customers in the Cooperative.

How to join the co-op so you can buy or sell tasty and terrific Oklahoma-made or raised products.

Membership Brochure (PDF)

Volunteer Opportunities
There are lots of fun ways to be involved.

Ways to Contact Us
Drop us an email, give us a call, we love hearing from you.

Oklahoma Food Cooperative Logo

Logo compliments of Sarah Naylor.
Thank you Sarah!

Where Do I Shop?
Click this link and we\'ll take you to the store where you log in with your member username and password that you receive when you sign up.

Thank You!
We\'d like to thank all the people for their wonderful involvement that made this Cooperative possible.

Oklahoma Food Cooperative on TV:

KOTV, Tulsa
Fighting Agroterrorism: Video | Transcript

Oklahoma Horizon\'s
In July 2006, the Oklahoma Horizon\'s television program did an excellent segment about the Oklahoma Food Cooperative. Below are links to two versions of the segment, one is a larger file and screen, the other has a smaller screen and is "streaming video". Click on the links to see some of the producers who are members of the cooperative, some great video of delivery day, and a short interview with Bob Waldrop.

Oklahoma Food Cooperative
PO BOX 681, Oklahoma City, OK 73101