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New Farmer’s Guide: Cultivating Success at Farmers Markets

From the "Introduction:" This manual, written by the Davis Farmers Market, provides an overview for new farmers, ranchers and food producers about engaging in direct marketing via farmers markets. You will learn why farmers markets are good for small farmers, and the traits of successful farmers market sellers. You will learn how to examine your readiness to sell at farmers markets and how to plan, including researching markets, estimating costs, connecting with farmers market managers, creating a farmers market stand that works, delivering good customer service, expanding your market, and tracking and evaluating results. This how-to guide shares what we know from our personal perspectives: that of a 30-year veteran farmers market manager, and a 30-year marketing professional, who work together to promote and grow farmers markets and small farms.


Scaling Up: Perspectives from Growers and Buyers on Barriers and Benefits to Wholesale Marketing of Local Fruits and Vegetables

This report, funded by The Ceres Foundation, the Iowas Local Food and Farm Initiative and the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University, outlines strategies to overcome the barriers to successfully maintaining and growing the wholesale transactions of local fruits and vegetables market. Content includes enhanced collaboration; efforts to help growers bridge the gap between retail and wholesale production abilities; eliminating variability for growers and buyers; better transportation and delivery systems; and more fruit and vegetable processing infrastructure.

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